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Essential Oils With Christal Clear Soaps

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

(My nephew Ronald washing his hands with the first soap he has ever made!)

I am a huge fan of essential oils and a few fragrance oils. Blending the fragrances is one of my favorite things to do. Learning what properties each oil holds is something that brings great interest to me. Using roller balls, essential oil diffusers, making a spritz for hydrating skin and brightening up a room. Essential oils are a big part of my path as a soap artisan and my skincare passion. Learning the differences between a Fragrance Oil (FO) and an Essential Oil (EO) and the different grades given to each oil is an important part of working with these little magical oils. Some oils are food grade and are processed in a way to extract the vital essential oils most delicately and bottling them up in dark blue or brown bottles to protect them from sun exposure and going rancid. Learning how to blend essential oils into base oils and diluting them down to a safe ratio to be used on the skin without causing you harm. Some essential oils like citrus blends are super strong and can even eat the tiles on your floor or counter!

(My dry feet on the playa, ready for some love)

My first introduction as an adult in working with essential oils was packing for our camping trip to the desert, where the environment is harsh and unforgiving. Blending fragrances like peppermint, and lavender into coconut oils and glycerine mists to soothe dry skin and help to calm or awaken the senses can be invigorating. Collecting new oils and following brands that are up and coming and popular was helpful for my growth as a soap maker. The first soap I ever made is still one that is requested by friends and family, I made a lemongrass honeysuckle blend and added poppy seeds to the batter. It is still a soap that brings me joy to make and to use. The beautiful blend of lemongrass essential oil and the sweet smell of the honeysuckle fragrance oil are mesmerizing.

(Oils in little bottles with spray tops and dropper tops)

My favorite essential oils would have to be frankincense, lemongrass, bergamot, lavender, and peppermint! The beautiful warm, bold woody fragrance that frankincense gives is calming and relaxing to me and is my all-time favorite essential oil. Lemongrass and bergamot are my favorite citrus oils and I love the way lemongrass is bright and energizing and bergamot is calming and relaxing. Lavender is a favorite of many people and using it in my home in diffusers and my bathwater is my main ways this is used in our home. Peppermint oil is such a versatile oil, used alone or blended with others to balance and refresh with its crisp bold scent. Geranium oil is also one we keep on hand for its ability to help stop bleeding, and just smelling it can stop a nose bleed. This oil is kept in all of our medical kits and has come in handy on almost every vacation. These oils are almost always with me and are used daily. My love for oils is evident when you see my stash of oils I keep on hand at home to play with and enjoy. Sharing little roller bottles of blends and new oils with friends and family can be fun for me. Introducing oils into my niece and nephews’ lives have been a great way to teach them about plants and ingredients, as they walk about the garden with my parents they can pick some fresh herbs and learn how they are used just by smelling them, oregano, mint, lavender, are some of the herbs they have learned to identify and know how they are used. This is how I got started with my passion for plants and how to use them which has lead me to my path as a soap artisan.

(Never use essential oils on the skin without diluting first!)

After reading about essential oils and fragrance oils and learning about how some oils can cause issues to those with sensitive skin, and seeing some of these issues myself, it became clear to me that some people are unable to avoid some of these oils that may be causing some skin issues to worsen, or to start to show. Most items you find around your home can be packed full of essential oils and fragrance oils, from shampoos and shower accessories, hair products, lotions, laundry soaps, dish soaps, and cleaning products. Citrus oils have been the largest issue for concern and can cause the skin to peel and turn red and sensitive. These oils when diluted properly do not bother my skin, but my husband knows immediately when they contain citrus oils for they cause his hands to peel and become sensitive, as do a few of my friends. Being in the sun after the use of citrus oils can also worsen the issue and make these symptoms worsen. Learning how to look on a label and see if it contains ingredients that may cause skin issues and sensitivity to my family is a top priority for me.

(Some of my favorite bath items)

One of the benefits of not having added fragrances and essential oils to your household items is that you will not have a mismatched cacophony of fragrances all about your home and self. Just think, most items in your home have a unique and different fragrance just for that item. Your shampoo, location, perfume, laundry detergent, and dryer sheets all are different and are being worn on you at all times. if you are adding your perfume and cologne on, chances are you would like to smell that fragrance over the other, and fragrance-free items can help you to make your preferred fragrance last longer and be more dominant. Knowing that everyone in the home from newborns to the elderly can use all of the items in the home can be a blessing and can make shopping easier. Skin sensitivity is a real deal and some of us have more of an issue with it than others and can make trying new items a scary thing. A family friend of ours had lost an eye to an accident and has been unable to use fragranced items afterward, he has become one of my best customers because my soaps are fragrance-free they do not cause any issues for him. One of my favorite bartenders, like my husband, is unable to use any citrus and grapefruit was one of his favorite fragrances to use, and learning what was causing his skin to be irritated was a blessing for him as well.

(Natural Indigo Christal Clear Soaps)

Setting myself and my soaps apart from other soap makers is not always easy, and there are so many amazing and unique soaps available. Fragrance-free is something that I pride myself on, and it has helped me stand out in local markets and shows with other amazing vendors. Most soap makers do not have a fragrance-free option, and if they do it is usually just one or maybe two at best. Many soap makers love to blend their oils and create their fragrance blends, and their blends help them to stand out at shows, as people love to walk up to a stand and grab a bar of soap and smell it. When people get to my booth they do the same, even though almost every bar smells the same (just soap) they love to grab all the different kinds and colors and smell them all. This makes it easy to shop for soap at my booth, by just picking the ingredients you are looking for or just by the sheer beauty of the bar itself.

(My soap army)

Christal Clear Soaps Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Palm oil, Water, Lye

All Natural * Fragrance-Free, Custom orders available

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*Thank you to every one of you for supporting me and my dreams of being an artisan soap crafter. Every order is important to me! I appreciate each and everyone who has bought my soaps along the way, either from Etsy, local art shows, local vendor malls, flower shops, and from me.

* All soaps are made by my own two hands, cut, stamped, cured, packaged with hand stamped logos by myself.

* Each and every bar is a unique piece of functional art and may look just a bit different than the pictured photos. My soaps are all formulated to be used and are not just for display. Colors are all-natural and some get darker or lighter over time. Stamp imprints may be deeper or shallower due to the hardness of each individual bar.

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