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My favorite Planners and journals by Christal Clear Soaps

(Some of my favorite planners.)

Paper planners of all kinds have made a comeback in the last few years. I love following and watching all of the combinations of styles being integrated together as one. Washi tapes, task cards, printables, stickers, stamps, bullet journals, smash journals, junk journals, travelers notebooks and so many more. These have helped to inspire me to create useful planners and journals for my life integrating art, recipes, photos, and souvenirs while traveling. Here are a few of my favorite ways to keep organized in life. These items are special to me and are great ways to look back on life and remember all the people that have made an impact on us.

(Our guestbook that we turned into a cookbook!)

When many people get married they have a guest book, oftentimes it gets packed up or forgotten about. My father was a chef for many years and has always inspired me to cook and learn new techniques and recipes. For our wedding, we made our wedding guest book into a cookbook. We asked everyone to bring a handwritten recipe of theirs, as people signed our guest book we added their recipes to the page. After removing all of the singed pages from the book we transferred them into our cookbook. Each year we take it out and add to it bits of other wedding invitations, photos, stickers, coasters from our favorite places along with anything that brings us joy. Many menus from our past workplaces as cooks are included, to remind us of the plethora of meals we have programmed into our minds and bodies as many kitchen workers know. Sharing this book with others, while picking a recipe to recreate is a treasured experience, as each year this captivating book evolves. I encourage you to share your favorite recipes with your friends and ask them for your favorite items they make. There is something special about eating a meal that brings feelings of love, friendship, and embrace.

(Our travel planner that we take on vacations.)

When we travel it is nice to try new things. We have a travel journal that we bring with us to collect new and unique items we encounter along the way. Keeping a log of our favorite seafood places, beers and whiskeys, and anything that sparks our interest. Making memories to look back on together as partners, and share with our friends is one of my favorite traditions of our home. Making a list of suggested places to visit and travel from friends has helped us discover beautiful places that we may not have found on our own, and makes for great conversation with friends while sharing stories of our travels together. In this planner, I like to keep a few different lists, camping supplies, things to do before our trip, checklists, even a spot for things to add next time, items we forgot, and gadgets that are useful. Keeping track of items we are low on or ran out of along the way is a great way to keep stress at bay while planning our next trip or even unpacking. This planner is not only useful, it is fun to look through and add to as well.

(The amazing junk journal or smash journal from the talented Wendy Harvey)

When covid first was making a global impact, things were being shut down, and communities were going into lockdowns. I had the pleasure of getting to know a group of like-minded women, who gifted beautiful items to each other as a way to get to know each other. This group would deliver gift baskets to each other, in the “pay it forward” way of thinking. Making friends along the way with some amazing women in my community and learning new hobbies and interests along the way, making this alluring group of women something everyone wanted to be a part of. To this day I still talk with a handful of goddesses from this collection of yayas. This smash journal was given to me as a gift from a talented journal and bookmaker and has become something I treasure and am honored to share. It has given me a place to put many keepsakes from my life into one artistic collage. Expressing myself with each page, expanding the book as life unfolds. Some people who have received her books or even purchase them do not use them because of their beauty, but the intention behind them is to be used, loved, and interacted with. Secret pockets, envelopes, folding flaps, tabs, bookmarks, make the style of these repurposed papers, an eclectic visual experience. Life itself, in the everyday movements, make for the special moments, some things are meant to be used, not saved for a later, better, “special time”. This book has quickly become one of the most useful handmade gifts I have ever received, and could not imagine not using it. Blessed be to my ladies of Green!

As a homeowner, many interesting challenges have arisen with having a home built in 1903 that was formerly a church. Having a spot to keep important information in one place for yearly chores and seasonal upkeep on home this old is a helpful tool. Keeping measurements of windows, notes on what kinds of appliances take unique hookups and wattages is a great way to save time while completing these tasks. Not all of my planners are fun and artistic, some are just for keeping track of information and making our house a home. Have you ever forgotten what bulbs you planted in the garden, or needed to dig up a plant to bring inside for the winter? Well, this is a great place to write down when to do a chore in the garden, or what month you last fertilized. I love to keep track of when the snowdrops show and bloom in my front yard, as they are the first thing that shows themselves in spring.

(One of my soap planners that I use to keep organized)

Keeping track of my soap business is often done on paper before it is transferred to a digital record. I find it helpful to plan and organize on paper, as it is more comfortable for me, and helps me to get my ideas out on pages rather than on a tablet or laptop. Having a few different planners to take out and about helps to keep me organized to the best of my abilities. I have a few different planners that I use for my soaps and other art forms. Keeping lists of items needed for art shows, designs used in my glass that may translate to a beautiful soap top, items requested by others, and even custom work. Taking notes while making new products helps me remember what worked last time and what needs to be worked on next time. This is a place where I work hard to inspire myself as an artist, focusing inward on my passions giving myself a place to grow.

It can be easy to fall into the trending methods of planning, leaving you always wanting something new. Some planners are of amazing quality but way out of my price range, finding something thrifted or used helps to save a lot of unwanted expenses. All of my leather planners were from local thrift shops and were under 4$ each! Maybe you also have a passion for planners and journals and like to share and learn new tips. Do you have any planners that you use? I would love to see some of your favorite planners and journals that inspire you and help keep you organized and on track.

(Christal Cleary Owner and Creator of Christal Clear Soaps)

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(All natural ingredients used in Christal Clear Soaps)

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*Thank you to every one of you for supporting me and my dreams of being an artisan soap crafter. Every order is important to me! I appreciate each and everyone who has bought my soaps along the way, either from Etsy, local art shows, local vendor malls, flower shops, and from me.

* All soaps are made by my own two hands, cut, stamped, cured, packaged with hand stamped logos by myself.

* Each and every bar is a unique piece of functional art and may look just a bit different than the pictured photos. My soaps are all formulated to be used and are not just for display. Colors are all-natural and some get darker or lighter over time. Stamp imprints may be deeper or shallower due to the hardness of each individual bar.

*Packages are shipped out every two to three days and have a tracking number to follow, from the local post office. Holidays may cause the package to arrive a bit after the set delivery date due to unforeseen weather or holidays. *Please remember to be kind to those delivering packages, during this global pandemic many businesses have been affected and have been running with fewer employees, and more rules and regulations. We are all doing the best we can to keep up!

*No refunds and or exchanges due to the soap being a self-care item and are intended to be used on your person. My customers are important to me and I would like to be able to have the chance to make up for any soaps that may have been damaged or lost in the delivery process. Thank you for understanding.

(Local eucalyptus grown in Spokane WA used in Christal Clear Soaps)

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(Annatto seed soap on the beach of Whidbey Island)

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