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Tools with Christal Clear Soaps

Table of content:

1) When I started making soap

2) You don't need much

3) Silicone molds

4) Fancy equipment

5) You can start with what you have


When I started making soap

When I started making soap I did not have any special equipment. I took a class from a local shop and fell in love with the process of making soap. It can be easy to fall into a trap of purchasing equipment that others are using in online videos and can suck some of the joy out of the process of the craft when your feel that you do not have enough. To me making soap is more about the process and technique and not the fancy accouterments that come with a studio just for making soap. Learning the process and understanding it is a complex and fun way to get into your creative side and feel a bit like a scientist when creating your own recipes and batches. A good bar of soap comes from their recipe and the crafter, not just the equipment!

You don't need much

One of the neat things about soap is that it can be poured into just about anything that you have lying around at home. Some containers are easier when lined with parchment paper to remove the soap from the mold. Stainless steel is the only metal that does not cause a chemical reaction during the saponification process where the fats water and lye are heated up to 220 degrees in the molds before cooling back down and being able to unmold. When I first started making soap I used wooden boxes my father made for me and would line them with plastic bags or parchment paper. I have seen people use pringle containers to create round soaps, lined baking dishes work well, icecube trays, cardboard boxes lined with trash bags, you can name it, I have seen soap poured into just about every type of non-traditional soap molds. So if you are just starting out I am sure you will be able to find something lying around your home that would be perfect for a soap slab.

Silicone molds

Silicone molds are one of my favorite things for soap making, they come in so many shapes and sizes, and can be found at just about any kind of craft store locally or online. I purchased mine off of Amazon and have never looked back. One of my favorite things about these molds is that I do not have to line them with anything, the downfall is that they must be washed after each use. It is a pretty easy task to wash down something already covered in soap, and I use my trusty stainless steel chainmail scrubby to make everything even more eco-friendly. I do not have much waste, as now I do not have any parchment paper or plastic lining to throw away, and this makes my little heart happy!

Fancy equipment

Fancy equipment can be intriguing and it can be easy to rack up a big bill purchasing soap equipment, from huge blenders, massive soap molds, soap cutters, colored micas, fragrance, essential oils, stamps, and much more. It can be hard to watch soap videos online without wanting to make big purchases on new equipment, but just remember not all of that is necessary for making soap on a home level. One of my favorite places to look for new soap items is at the local thrift shops, there you will be able to find a plethora of items that could be used in the process of making soap, like hand blenders, and even baking dishes!

You can start with what you have

You can start with what you have and purchase as you go if you decide that you want to become a soap maker. To this day I still see a nice cardboard box or something at the dollar store that looks like a perfect soap mold that is just as worthy of holding soap as my fancy silicone molds. Look around when you are in your own kitchen next time, you just may have everything you need to make your very own first soap in the comfort of your home. What are some of the items that you have made soap in? If you are a soap maker do you have any favorite tools? What are some of your favorite inexpensive soap tools? I would love to hear about some of your first soaps.










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