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These hunky bars are larger than our regular bar and are perfect to cut into half. Some of my clients prefer to cut their bars in half to extend the life of their soap.  Smaller bars also fit better in some hands, and are easier to use for some. This is a perfect bar to chop into smaller bars. 



Palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, water, and lye. Food-grade ingredients.


This soap is made with extra oils so that it is not drying on your skin. Just holding one of our bars, you will be able to feel the extra oils on your skin. Once you start to use our bar you will notice it only takes a little bit of soap to create a fast lather with large bubbles and a creamy lather. This soap can be used all over the body on all of your skin.  It is fragrance-free. Sensitive skin care can be hard to figure out at first! Our soap does not have any chemicals or fragrances added. All of our bars start with this base, then we add our signature ingredients to create all of our colors and textures. We add all kinds of natural items to our soaps, pine sap, flowers, honey, sand, and even silk! Soap #1 Just soap 

Ghost (JUST SOAP #1)

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