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     The purpose of the Buddhist Mala necklace and bracelets is to be used in spiritual and mindfulness practices and has become popular in the U.S. with meditation and yoga practices. More than just a trendy necklace or bracelet they have a deep connection to the practice of mental grounding, along with opening your mind and spiritual growth. 


Each bead is made by hand and finished every step of the way with the same hands. Over 108 glass beads are in each traditional style Mala necklace. This mala has 110 beads.


Including spacer beads, guru bead, tassel beads, charms, and more. Silk cord is used to gather and secure the beads. Marker beads can help you know where you are during meditation and can give a decorative look.


In the style of a bolo, the beads can be slipped over your head and the guru bead can be slid up the silk cord to the desired length and the tassels crossed over each other to create a simple binding for the guru bead to rest upon without sliding down and allowing easy removal when needed. 


Glass Mala Amber Love

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