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Do you love bees? It is one of my only soaps where the natural fragrance pulls through after the saponification process. Dandelion is also another one that brings a sweet fragrance after curing. Dandelions are one of the first foods available for bees and pollinators in the early spring. I collect dandelions by hand in the early spring and fall from our yard for this special soap. If you love bees, then try this soap! I love the textured tops of these soaps! The sugars in the honey make this bar a bit softer, smoother, and a bit more creamy! The natural color of the honey makes for this lovely summer sunset glow. Being able to use local ingredients is important to me, and it is amazing to be able to combine passions and create new products with those in my local community! Custom soaps are always available, so save some of your favorite items for personalized soaps today!




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Honey Combs Soap

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