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Time for tea! Tea is one of my favorite things! I love to make all kinds of teas! Cold teas, hot tea, and using teas to make self care items! I love to use tea to create a new kind of soap! Tea is such a beautiful way to show yourself some love! Self care can come in many ways, and if you love tea like I do then, you should try a bar of our tea soap! Grab a bar of our MATCHA green tea soap today! Have a personal tea party with every shower or bath!  The color is brighter at first, but I personally love the deep rich forest green when this soap is allowed to sit for a few months. From the beautiful rich forest green, to the deep camo green, this soap gives the look of green tea! This soap is a favorite for many customers, because of the gentle feel even on their faces! This soap is always one of my favorites because green is also a favorite color of mine! 

Check out all of our amazing natural soaps! We love to make custom soaps, so if you have a favorite tea, then let us make a custom batch of artisan soap for you.

Matcha Green Tea

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These will be made and restocked to order or as we can make them. Custom items may take longer to acquire new items. Soap making and curing process will take an additional 35 days. By preordering you are agreeing to the extra wait.
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