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Mystery Box (2 soaps & 1 mystery item)

Our mystery box is a great way to get introduced to our products. This box includes a two pack of soaps and one item from our *Big Box.  (*No Turkish Towel*)


The Big Box :


Big was my nickname growing up as I was the oldest child. The word BIG has a special meaning to me and my loved ones, so it was only natural that THE BIG BOX was the name I chose for my largest gift box. Treat yourself to some of my favorite self-care items. Large Turkish towel, moisturizing toner, indigo bath salts, mud mask, pine sap salve, chapstick,Mayan blue cream, three soaps, soap tray ,exfoliating mesh bag, muslin soap pouch with soap bits, soy candle with wooden wick, crystal & a tea bag with blue butterfly pea tea. Pamper yourself today with an at-home spa experience.


%100 Cotton Turkish towels are known for their high quality, even a baby will love them as they only get softer over time. This lightweight towel is super absorbent, fast-drying which is perfect for taking to the beach, unlike a traditional terry cloth the long woven fiber allows the sand and debris on the beach to shake off with ease. Elegance and luxury, this towel can even be used as a shawl, scarf, head wrap, blanket, sarong, and so much more. The beauty and function that come along with the softness and durability make it perfect for spoiling yourself with some self-care. Thin but mighty is the drying power, no more wet soggy towels.



Mayan blue clay is used to create this luxurious color. Use this as an extra colorant to your regular bath salts or in combination with your bubble bath for a spa-like experience. Indigo gives this blend its radiant color.

Radiant color from butterfly pea flowers gives this spray its color-changing abilities. This moisturizing mist may be used alone or used to activate the white clay mask magically changing it to a shade of pink or purple depending on your ratios.


Start by adding a few sprays to a clean ceramic container, spray your face with the mist also. With a wooden or plastic spoon add a bit of the white powder. You only need a bit of each item for they are concentrated. Mix the two together and you should see the color change before your eyes from a purple liquid to a pink cream. Apply t