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Me, my soaps and I

Soap is something we all use, yet most of us do not ever think much about it. Formulating a bar of cold process soap with sensitive skin in mind has become a passion of mine. Working with all-natural ingredients and local items that most people overlook or take for granted is one of my favorite things to do. Nature’s colors, textures, and fragrances provide a palate of infinite possibilities.

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Me, my soaps, and I

My name is Christal Cleary and I have been making all-natural soaps for nine years now! I choose to make fragrance-free soaps because not everyone can have fragrance and essential oils. Some people can be super sensitive to them. The natural fragrance from all-natural soaps is subtle and gentle. Most of my soaps do not have much of a fragrance other than just a clean soap smell, and some of them have a bit of fragrance that pulls through from the natural items I added to the batter for color and texture.

Collecting items from my vacations, and backyard, gathered locally from flower growers, I am able to create textures and colors that make each soap a functional unique piece of art. Nature provides materials for my handcraft small batches of Cold Process Soap helping them stand out from other soap makers. Using my skills from lampworking (glass blowing), gardening, and cooking to create my recipes for each type of soap. Some of my favorite soaps have been made with nothing more than adding pine sap, beautiful pink sand from Montana, local eucalyptus, and honey!

Working with nature allows me to create every color of the rainbow, ROYGBIV! The bold and beautiful blues from the indigo plant and the bright orange from annatto seeds and flowers are some of my personal favorites! Sometimes an ingredient can be so rich and full of sugar like honey, and dandelions, and the fragrance of the natural items is able to pull through after curing the soap. It is a beautiful thing to make dandelion soaps in the spring after harvesting them from my backyard and blending them into my soap batter, the fragrance of honey is so strong! Nature has so many amazing gifts that are in our everyday life that can make any artisan soap maker happy.

Receiving sand from family and friends on vacations is one of my favorite gifts. If you have a favorite beach or flower that reminds you of your wedding day or childhood, I would love to create a custom batch of soap just for you! Let me take you back to your favorite beach vacation, from the comfort of your own bathtub! Make your wedding day last longer with custom soaps from your honeymoon sand you have been saving and do not know what to do with.

Changing your skincare routine to all-natural ingredients is not just good for your skin, it is better for the environment too! Your skin is your largest organ and is able to absorb what you put on it. Reading the ingredients and becoming familiar with natural items is a great way to learn what is in your skincare items. Bar soap is much more eco-friendly of a choice than the body washes that are packaged in plastic containers and full of unnatural colorants, and fragrances, usually full of items that are not good for your skin. They also contain a lot of water, unlike true soap which is cured and made to last much longer than a body wash.

Keeping your handmade soaps dry between uses can help the bar of soap last much longer than one that is kept wet by sitting in water on the sink or in a soap dish that does not allow the water to drain away. When spending hard-earned money on an artisan soap it is always nice to feel like you are getting your money's worth out of each bar. Quality oils and ingredients are not cheap and can make artisan soaps seem more expensive, but it is quality versus quantity! You get what you pay for, and the cheap soaps from the grocery stores are not always good for sensitive skin and can make common skin problems even worse with daily use.

If you have not had the pleasure of using a handmade cold process bar of soap, then today is the day to take the plunge and try a bar out. Even if you do not decide to go with me as your soap dealer, you should try to find a local soap maker near you and support your local economy or small business, and as a benefit, you will have some skin-loving self-care available to you every shower or bath. Life is too short to use bad soap.


Custom orders are always available!

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