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$4 wax melts



Ocean Escape

Forest Hike

Discover Atlantis 

Mt. Spokane Huckleberry

Manito Park Lilac

English Rose Garden

Consultation at 221B


 Kailyn Barber- Owner


*Kailyn Barber makes each and every item by hand.*


Kailyn is passionate about her craft and love for candles. Each one of her candles are original fragrance blends that she has designed. Not only perfecting her signature fragrance blends, she has mastered the art of using a blend of apricot and coconut wax candle that lasts for around 40 hours of burning time! Travel Scents Candles are more than just a candle, these are pieces of her heart and beloved vacations she has captured to share with you. Wax melts are a great option for those who do not wish to use an open flame, and are perfect for households with small children and pets. 


Not just a mother of four and wife, but a small business owner and dedicated market vendor. The strength it takes to follow her own dreams and run a household at the same time, but still she finds time to create new products and restock best sellers.  Find her every Monday at Hillyard Farmers Market from 3-7pm and Thursdays from 3-7pm at Perry Farmers Market rain or shine.  


Treat yourself or a loved one with a special gift. Please check out her shop on Etsy, like and follow her social media.



$5 wax melts

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