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Coconut milk is the star of this soap! One of my favorite oils ever is coconut oil. I use it in almost everything! I love everything about it! It reminds me of my very first art and music festival ever! Needless to say, I fell in love with this as base oil. The beautiful milk of this nut is not only rich in oils, it has a creamy texture and beautiful opaque milky color! This beautifully rich milk gives this soap something special! I love this soap because it feels so luxurious when you suds a bar up! I love to think of soap batter like your favorite cookie dough, alone it is amazing, but even adding one item like chocolate chips can change the whole feel! Coconut milk is definitely a special treat in any recipe, but in a soap batter, it is spectacular! If you have not tried a handmade bar of soap, then you do not know what you are missing out on! Custom soaps are always available. We would love to add a favorite item of yours to a batch of our artisan soaps for a special self-care item just for you, or a special event! Soaps make great gifts for all ages and skin types!

Coconut Milk Christal Clear Soaps

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