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%100 food-grade ingredients, making this chapstick not only wonderful for your lips but can also be applied to any place your skin may need some extra protection. Mentho crystals are a natural way to invigorate the senses. Sweet almond oil lends many helpful qualities like vitamin E, and vitamin A and is packed full of fatty acids to help heal chapped skin. Can be used as a cuticle cream and on other chapped areas on your hands and wind-chapped face, or dry nose. 


*Perfect for someone with sensitive skin.



Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, coconut oil, bee wax, menthol crystals 


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These will be made and restocked to order or as we can make them. Custom items may take longer to acquire new items. Soap making and curing process will take an additional 35 days. By preordering you are agreeing to the extra wait.
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