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Mayan Blue-

Blue is rare in nature and is sure to catch just about anyone's eye. I love doing research about ways to achieve natural colors in my soaps. Searching for new colors and ingredients found in nature is always on my mind. Some of my recent favorite blue items are indigo powder and butterfly pea tea. If you love to experiment with color and love tea, I recommend giving this wonderful flower a try! After brewing a cup of blue pea tea you can change the color to pink just by adding a citrus-like lemon, this makes for magical drinks that shift color just before your eyes! You may be familiar with indigo from blue jeans, but did you know it has many other amazing qualities other than a beautiful colorant for fibers? Indigo is one of the most beautiful ingredients to add to my soaps. Blue indigo soaps are calming and soothing to fiesta your eyes on in any bathroom or skin, and reflect the color of royalty.



Indigo soap

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