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In the 1930s the local garden club in Spokane was encouraged to plant lilac bushes throughout the city, by the time 1938 rolled around there were nearly 150 shrubs planted in Manito Park. The city was then known as "The Lilac City" and the tradition of the annual Spokane Lilac Festival began. Today the park has well over 100 named cultivars and 23 different species, making this one of the most important parks on the west coast. If you are ever around Spokane during the early spring months I recommend taking the time to walk through this floral display of living perfume and enjoying the explosive displays of tiny clustered bouquets these shrubs give, for they only last a few weeks at a time.


I am looking forward to this year's harvest of lilacs, and ways to preserve them. Handmade gifts are always the best, and personal touches make items even better. This year I was able to collect and dry purple lilac flowers for my soaps. If you are a lilac lover than this soap is for you.

Pure Magic (Purple Lilac)

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