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The light blue color comes from the indigo plant. Rich mango butter and jojoba oil blend together to create a super light-feeling balm, that is easily absorbed into the skin. Apply any place you have dry or cracked skin. Great from head to toe. 

Made in the traditional way of making Mayan blue clay, indigo powder is mixed with white kaolin clay and gently heated to activate the color of this gorgeous blue clay before blending it in with oils and kinds of butter to create this natural and luscious cream. Indigo is not only gorgeous, but it is also beneficial for your skin, helping to soothe sunburns, bug bites, and common skin rashes, and has been used in Japan in topicals and clothing for its fire retardancy and ability to keep bugs away. Perfect for layering products, after washing use a hydrating liquid, apply serums, followed by Mayan Blue Cream, and for extra moisture and long-lasting power- finish with our Pine Sap Salve.


Pro-Tip: Can be used as a cleansing balm to help remove stubborn makeup and grime. 

Ingredients: Mango Butter, jojoba oil, white kaolin clay, indigo 

Mayan Blue Cream

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