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Each beach has unique sand, similar to the way we all have fingerprints that help make us individuals. As a gardener, I have always loved soils, rocks and sand. Collecting sand from beaches is one of my favorite things to do while on vacation. Sand may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to artisan cold process soap, but it sure is a treasured ingredient in my soap shop! Using what nature provides by letting the beauty of each ingredient shine on its own, sand is a beautiful example of nature's best.  I love throwing in a bar of sand soap in my beach bag to wash off in the water, it is inevitable that something gross or icky is going to get on someone. All-natural, fragrance-free products are always a great option while camping and for outdoor adventures.The beautiful colors I have been able to work with have ranged from a beautiful white from crushed shells to black volcanic beaches of Hawaii, deep dark brick red soils of the Moab desert of Utah, gentle pink shores of Montana’s hidden beaches, light tans, and greys of Oregon, to the deep rich grey sand of the Washington coast. When nature does all the hard work of grinding down the rocks and shells over time to create these natural wonders I do not feel the need to add in other colorants or micas. Letting each bar be a symbol of the special sand that these were gathered from with loving hands. Being able to share my personal favorite places with all of you is an amazing experience, for maybe you have never been able to travel to these places yet. 


Montana Pink Sand

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