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This pouch is pre-filled with bits and pieces of soap. Each time we create a batch, we have ends and pieces that are left over. They get added to these pouches, ensuring that every ounce of soap can be used. Soap bits and ends are bound to happen when you use soap. It can be hard to use the little pieces of soap, that is where this little muslin pouch comes in handy.  Just toss your soap bits and ends into the pouch and you will have a nice way to gently exfoliate your skin and use all of your soap down to the very end. 


When purchasing high-quality self-care items you want to get the most out of each item.  Placing your soap bits in this pouch and hanging them between each use can prolong the life of each bar of soap. They are perfect to throw in your camping kits, travel bag, car, or diaper bag, and hang outside around your faucet for easy outdoor hand washing. 



Muslin Soap Pouch- with confetti soap bits included

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