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 (These are half the size of our regular bars. )


Take a trip back to Montana with me where 14.7 lbs of pine sap was collected on a special girls vacation with my close friends.  This sap was all collected from my friend's yard!  We were able to get all of that sap in less then one hour!  This is one of my most special treasures.  The natural fragrance of this sap is bold and rich!  The fragrance from the sap pulls through after the making of the soap!  Montan pine sap soap is one of my personal favorites to make! The smell of the pine trees just takes me back to the Montana woods!  Sap does not leave you sticky and sappy! I heat it into some reserve oil before blending it into my soap batter, to make sure it is in the soap and goes through the whole saponification (turning oils and lye water into TRUE soap) process with the batch! This is a soap for those who love the outdoors, and love the pine trees! Sometimes when I make this soap I am able to put tiny pinecones into the top of each bar for an extra special pine tree touch. Custom orders are always available so do not hesitate to collect something special you find on your next hike or vacation! Sand is another one of my favorite vacation items to add inside personalized batches. 

Christals Clear Soaps


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