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Pine Sap Salve


Take a trip back to Montana with me where 14.7 lbs of pine sap were collected on a special vacation. The natural fragrance of this sap is bold and rich. Hardworking hands sometimes get a bit beat up, and constantly washing can lead to overdrying skin which can lead to cracking and discomfort. If you are a gardener, cook, mechanic, or outdoors person, this is a great product to keep on hand. Give your skin some relief. Pine sap is great for hyperpigmentation of the skin and lends its healing ability to the skin. Sometimes we need a bit more than just a moisturizer, more of a protective barrier from the elements. Pine sap is used for its healing aromatic balm that warms naturally, increasing blood flow to the skin making it beneficial for older injuries while being helpful as a chest rub for congestion, inflammation, and localized pain. It is often used for drawing slivers out, on bug bites, small cuts, and bruises as its antimicrobial properties help the body to heal itself. Seal in moisture on dry cracked skin with our Pine Sap Salve. Perfect for a beard balm or pomade.


Calendula wax is an alternative to bee wax as some have sensitivity to it, or may want to have a vegan option for skin care. I love how creamy and smooth my hands feel after applying a small amount to my cuticles. 


Tumeric is great for helping sore joints from inflammation and helps to give this salve its golden color.


*This salve makes a great top layer over any other product, apply along with your favorite skincare items for longer-lasting protection.



Pine sap, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, palm oil, bee wax(calendula wax), turmeric


Pine Sap Salve

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