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Rainier Mowich Lake Sand was brought to me by one of my childhood friends.  Friendship is such a special thing that can last a lifetime.

Mowich Lake is the deepest and largest in the Mount Rainer National Park. Located in the northwest corner of the park, set in a glacial basin and surrounded by meadows of wildflowers. If you are looking for a beautiful place to hike, this may be the place you are looking for. 

Pack it in, pack it out!

Save sand from your favorite beach or places for a custom sand soap to share with friends and family. 

Each beach has unique sand, similar to the way we all have fingerprints that help make us individuals. As a gardener, I have always loved soils, rocks, and sand. Collecting sand from beaches is one of my favorite things to do while on vacation. Sand may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to artisan cold-process soap, but it sure is a treasured ingredient in my soap shop! Using what nature provides by letting the beauty of each ingredient shine on its own, sand is a beautiful example of nature's best.  I love throwing in a bar of sand soap in my beach bag to wash off in the water, it is inevitable that something gross or icky is going to get on someone. All-natural, fragrance-free products are always a great option while camping and for outdoor adventures. Keep your feet in FLIP FLOP shape all year long with our all-natural self-care items. Try our sand soap and our pumice stones to exfoliate your feet. 

    Do you have sand just sitting at home that you have collected on one of your favorite vacations? Let me make you a custom batch of soap just for you, to transport you back to your favorite beaches, wedding anniversaries, and most special memories.  Most of the time we go to the beach with family and good friends, we are creating memories that last a lifetime. It doesn't matter how close to home you are or how far you traveled to, spending a day at the beach can be one of the most relaxing and fun-filled times. Next time you are packing your beach bag, remember to throw in a bag to collect some sand for your very own sand soaps. While on vacation shopping for souvenirs is usually done last minute, and often leads to impulsive purchases, having a custom artisan soap crafted just for you to give out after you come home is a unique and special treasure. Let us help make gift-giving a little more personal, with a piece of your vacation with functional art. Finding gifts for bridal and baby showers does not have to be a daunting task, let me make your day a bit more memorable with soaps just for your special day!

Rainier Mowich Lake Sand

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