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 Single-Use Soaps!

2oz Tin With Confetti Soap Bits is perfect to add to any travel bag, hospital stay, new mothers,  diaper bag, car console,  hiking, fishing or hunting gear, beach bags, purses, kids backpacks, or any other time you may need soap out and about or on the go. Perfect to take to the dog park, hiking, local pools, gyms &  hotels. 


Great for those with sensitive skin. Packed full of bits and shavings of all the other soaps we make. A full confetti bits version just for you.  All natural and fragrance-free soap bits make for a perfect soap to use out and about in nature. 


Pro-Tip: Perfect to add to any gift bag or as a stocking stuffer, guest soaps for the holidays. 






Single-Use Soaps (2oz Tin With Confetti Soap Bits)

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