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Witches Dew Moisturizing Drops


Butterfly Pea Tea Flowers are what gives this elixir this natural bright purple-blue color. Rich in antioxidants and moisturizing glycerin, this multi-use bottle is something you will surely love. Add a few drops to your moisturizer for extra protection from the dry winter air. Apply a drop or two to cuticles before using our pine sap salve to help heal hard-working hands. Add a drop or two to dry spots on the face and neck where you may need a bit of extra moisture. 


This is also available in The Big Box in with a spray top. If you like our products this gift box is packed full of my favorite items in a jam-packed gift box perfect for self-care for you or someone you love, and make great gifts for all occasions. 



Our chapstick is made with sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and beeswax and is moisturizing and soothing. It has a light coconut fragrance that is not overpowering and is not "flavored" so there is not much of a taste to it. Sweet almond oil lends many helpful qualities like vitamin e, and vitamin a and is packed full of fatty acids to help heal chapped skin. 


Our chapstick also can be used as a cuticle cream and on other chapped areas on your hands and wind-chapped face, or dry nose. 


*Perfect for someone with sensitive skin. 


*Works well for new mothers for nipple cream. 


Ingredients: Witch hazel, distilled water, butterfly pea tea, glycerine

Witches Dew Magic Moisturizing Drops

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