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Lovers at-home spa day with Christal Clear Soaps

(Custom Christal Clear Sopas)

This time of the year we are thinking about our lovers, with valentines day just around the corner. Instead of buying one of those over fragrant gift baskets at the grocery stores, think of the few DIY spa tips you can use together. Creating a DIY spa day is about slowing down and spending some time to pamper yourself or a loved one, which makes it a perfect way to celebrate the up-and-coming holiday of love. Learning your partner’s love language along with your own can help your relationship grow stronger. Communication is key in any relationship, learning how to express yourself in more than one way can be helpful. This holiday don’t just say “I love you!” show your partner too.

(Custom Clear Christal Clear Soaps)

Champagne or sparkling cider, flavored waters, and drinks to keep hydrated. Elevating your drinks for your lover with fresh fruits, herbs, and edible treats helps bring new textures to your drinks. Flavored syrups, tonic waters, citrus juices, and even hard candies can help you personalize a drink menu for any flavor pallet. Freezing edible dried or fresh flowers and plants in icecubes looks elegant and can help you personalize your lover’s favorite drink in a whole new way. Sharing food and drink with your lover can be one of the most intimate acts to share. Food can be sensual, textural, fragrant, and visually intriguing. Learning your partner’s favorite foods and flavors, and meals is a great way to show your appreciation for them.

(Custom Christal Clear Soaps)

Fill the home with a nice warming winter fragrance by simmering a small saucepan with sliced citrus, cinnamon stick, black pepper, and allspice, or adding a few drops of essential oil to some simmering water on the stove. You can also use a few blended oils in your essential oil diffuser to change up the mood with a nice fragrance. Cooking and making warm drinks are another delightful way to fill the home with fragrances of love. Having a dinner in the crockpot cooking all day with a meal your partner loves is a great way to make them feel special.

(Bath time with Christal Clear Soaps)

Making skin-soothing bath salts and soaks does not have to be complicated, head to the kitchen to create something of their own. Epsom salt and unbleached sugars are easy to find and are a great way to elevate your bathing experience personalizing your mixture with herbs, oils, oats, flowers, even teas to be mixed together and added into jars. Place them next to the tub for a homemade gift anyone is sure to enjoy. Lighting a few candles, and enjoying your favorite music or podcast to help you relax.

(Christal Clear Soaps oils)

Massage is a great way to relax and is a great activity for lovers, it helps to use oils, body butter, and glycerine-based skin topicals. The affection of physical touch helps you to learn about your partner without words. Pampering your partner with a back rub while listening to relaxing music, essential oils, under the candlelight is always a great way to show affection.

(Cuddling with Pork Chop)

Relaxing as a couple can be one of the most enjoyable things to ever do. Cuddling up under a warm blanket and watching your favorite shows for an at-home movie night. As we get older it can be hard to schedule a time to go out on date nights, and finding someone to watch the kids is not always possible. Including children in holidays for a great way to influence healthy relationships. Baking cookies and making cards are great activities for families on Valentine’s day. Family holidays can be some of the most precious memories, enjoying them together is a blessing.

(Adding fresh eucalyptus to a shower to make it more spa-like.)

Taking a few extra steps to make your nightly routine a bit more luxurious and spa-like does not have to be difficult. Simple gestures of love can help strengthen your bond together as lovers. Celebrating your love for another can be something you do throughout the year, not just in the middle of February. Strengthen your bond together by learning your own love language and your partners. Learning what makes your partner feel loved is something that can take a lot of practice and devotion. Showing your love in new ways can help keep a relationship healthy and active. This year I encourage you to learn to express your love in new ways! This year don’t just say “I love you”, show them too! Set the mood with an at-home spa day!

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*Packages are shipped out every two to three days and have a tracking number to follow, from the local post office. Holidays may cause the package to arrive a bit after the set delivery date due to unforeseen weather or holidays. *Please remember to be kind to those delivering packages, during this global pandemic many businesses have been affected and have been running with fewer employees, and more rules and regulations. We are all doing the best we can to keep up!

*No refunds and or exchanges due to the soap being a self-care item and are intended to be used on your person. My customers are important to me and I would like to be able to have the chance to make up for any soaps that may have been damaged or lost in the delivery process. Thank you for understanding.

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