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The language of love with Christal Clear Soaps

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The language of love is something that we all speak, and every one of us has a unique combination preference of our own. Each one of these can be special to you, or you may enjoy just one as the most meaningful. Learning how to communicate with your loved ones takes time, effort, and energy. Here are a few ways to express your love.

(Our wedding day)

Words of affirmation, vocalizing how much you appreciate someone you love is a beautiful gesture to practice. It is simple and free and always appreciated. It does not even have to be the words” I love you”, it can be as simple as “this is a great meal”, or “thank you for doing the dishes”. Taking the time to vocalize what you love about someone shows them you respect them

(Holiday party)

Quality time with your lover shows them that you are making them a priority. Doing things together that you both enjoy can help strengthen your bond. Whether it is taking a road trip, cooking, on a vacation, or watching your favorite movies spending quality time is a lovely way to show those you love how much you care.

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Acts of service as a love language do not always need to be elaborate sometimes just having extra help around the house can be a way to show your partner you love them. Life can get in the way of spending time with the ones you love. It is easy to take everyday chores for granted. It can be a beautiful gesture to help do the chores for someone or lend a helping hand. Cooking is one of my favorite ways to show my love for someone and is always something that I enjoy receiving as a gift. Cooking with my loved ones combines all of the things that make my heart happy, and is something I look forward to for the holidays and summer gatherings.

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Gifts can be given in many different forms, becoming a physical token of love showing that you thought about someone when they were not around. Some of my favorite gifts from my husband and those I love are rocks and found items in nature. When someone says “I found this for you” it means a lot to me, and these items are usually more special to me than any item you could buy. Next time you think of getting something for someone you love, try to find something that reminds you of them like a flower or radiant feather.

(Self care with Christal Clear Soaps)

Touch does not always need to be in an intimate form to show love and affection for someone. Being close physically and sharing all forms of contact can be enjoyed by lovers, and learning how you and your partner enjoy this action can take time. Walking through the park holding hands, cuddling up while watching your favorite shows, and even just hugging someone are great ways to be close to someone you love.

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Each person has their own love language. Taking the time to learn your love language and sharing that with your partner can be a great way to strengthen your bond. Love language is shared between all relationships, even your friends. This holiday I encourage you to try to learn about your favorite people in your life and their love language. Happy Valentine's day from Christal Clear Soaps.

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* All soaps are made by my own two hands, cut, stamped, cured, packaged with hand stamped logos by myself.

* Each and every bar is a unique piece of functional art and may look just a bit different than the pictured photos. My soaps are all formulated to be used and are not just for display. Colors are all-natural and some get darker or lighter over time. Stamp imprints may be deeper or shallower due to the hardness of each individual bar.

*Packages are shipped out every two to three days and have a tracking number to follow, from the local post office. Holidays may cause the package to arrive a bit after the set delivery date due to unforeseen weather or holidays. *Please remember to be kind to those delivering packages, during this global pandemic many businesses have been affected and have been running with fewer employees, and more rules and regulations. We are all doing the best we can to keep up!

*No refunds and or exchanges due to the soap being a self-care item and are intended to be used on your person. My customers are important to me and I would like to be able to have the chance to make up for any soaps that may have been damaged or lost in the delivery process. Thank you for understanding.

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