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52 blogs with Christal Clear Soaps

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Christal Clear Soaps Army


Table of content:

1) What I have learned

2) Passion for the ingredients

3) Original content

4) Writing is still not my greatest strength

5) Once a month

6) Thank you all


Strawflower & Charcoal Christal Clear Soaps

What I have learned

I love to read about soap and those who make soap. Everyone's journey into soap making is unique and many of us have an intense passion for the craft. To me, soap is so much more than a personal self-care item, it can help people feel comfortable in their own skin, and is what helps to drive me to formulate my products to be worthy of being used on the skin and not just another cheap soap or skin detergent that sits on the store shelf collecting dust.

Montana Pink Sand Christal Clear Soaps

Passion for the ingredients

High-quality ingredients make high-quality products when skill and care are used. Learning about the individual items and their uses and benefits to hair skin and nails helps when formulating skincare products. Researching new ingredients, oils, clays, humectants, sealants, exfoliants, and much more help me to create unique skincare products for all skin types. Finding out what common ingredients my friends and family are sensitive or allergic to has helped me discover alternative ingredients, making my products much more skin-friendly than many grocery stores mass-produced alternatives. Living in the Pacific North West I have a plethora of natural items at my fingertips throughout the year to harvest and collect for my self-care items, pine sap, honey, dandelions, wild rose, and sand are just a few of my favorite things available just a stone's throw away.

Indigo & Gold Mica Christal Clear Soaps

Learning tips and tricks

When I am not making and packaging my items, usually you can find me on the computer or phone doing some form of research. Sometimes having an idea in your head and finding ways to make it become a reality in soap can be a challenge, so reading and watching videos of others can be a tremendous help. Sharing is caring, and I am grateful for everything that I have learned along the way from others and their willingness to share. It is not always about the knowledge and tools, there is execution and skill involved when creating anything. Just because you have the ingredients and recipe to make bread from scratch, it does not always mean you will have bread. Sometimes we must try and try again, often many times before we achieve what we started out to achieve. Learning can be a beautiful process and is worth the effort.

Poppyseed Christal Clear Soaps

Original content

One of the main reasons for making a blog for my soap business was for creating original content. It is helpful when I am making social media posts and would like some wording or "copy" that reflects my brand and helps educate others about natural self-care and skin care.

It was frustrating to have multiple apps and correlate my photos to my wording, but after a few months of working on weekly blogs, I was able to find a rhythm that was working for me. I was able to use my own wording from my blog for my daily social media posts. It can be daunting to try to come up with content and have it be something that interests me enough to write and share, but soap is often something I could talk your ear off about for hours on end. Original content is important to me, many creators tend to jump on any bandwagon that comes along and participate in anything and everything trending, but I prefer to stick to what I am passionate about. Keeping true to my brand intention, helps me keep focusing on my own path as a soap artisan.

Montana Pine Sap Christal Clear Soaps

Writing is still not my greatest strength

When I started this venture into a small soap business, it never was on my mind to have a blog or a webpage! I do not like computers at all and have never been much for writing essays or doing reports. During the start of all this, it often felt like being back in school and having a deadline. Writing is still my least favorite thing to do for my small business, and my heart goes out to all of the other creators out there who are their own promoters, photographer, sales rep, crafter, and every other hat that you put on during the day. Sometimes it can be challenging to work on something we are not naturally great at, but the lessons we learn along the way can be invaluable. Just because something is easy to someone else and challenging to you, does not mean that it is not worthy of a challenge to give yourself, you do not have to have success everyplace in life to be a successful person.

Coconut Milk Christal Clear Soaps

Once a month

After completing 52 blogs, one a week for a whole year, I have decided to do them only once a month. I will be focusing on a monthly blog/newsletter to keep everyone up to date and informed with the new soaps, latest self-care items, gift boxes, local markets that we will be attending, and the usual tips and tricks. This will give me more to formulate new recipes, make more products, and work on spending more time doing what I love.

Custom Christal Clear Soaps

Thank you all

It has been an honor to have you all here with me every step of the way, thank you for helping me grow as a person and a small business. Thank you to all of the other small businesses who create artisan soap and self-care of their own, I see you not as my competition but as my allies in cleaning up this world one bar of soap at a time! I love reading about the journey others are taking in their soap businesses and am grateful to have so many talented people following their passion as well. All-natural & fragrance-free does not have to be boring. If you have not had the chance to use an artisan soap bar, there is no better time than now. Treat yourself and your skin to a bar of our soap. Cheers to one year of Blogging!

*Custom orders are always welcome! Save sand from your favorite beach and flowers from your favorite flowers! Let's make soap together.

Yellow Curry Christal Clear Soaps











Christal Cleary Owner/Creator of Christal Clear Soaps

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