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Honey with Christal Clear Soaps

Updated: May 25, 2022

Local items are important for me to incorporate into my products. One of my favorite items to add to my soaps is Honey, for the natural soothing properties it lends and its gentle sweet fragrance. Picking food-grade ingredients and formulating chemical-free products with skin sensitivity, irritation to fragrance oils in mind. Big Daddy's Honey is used in my soap and can be found directly across from my booth at Greenacres Vendor Mall in the Spokane Valley. Come check out our booths and learn a bit about honey, and some of the many reasons it has been added to soaps, and beauty products for many years. Grab a jar of their honey and a bar of my honey soap and immerse your senses in this golden delight.

(Big Daddy's Honey available in Spokane WA.)

Honey is a humectant which means it pulls in moisture from the air and can help your skin and hair stay moisturized. Working with natural ingredients to create true soap made with fats, water, and lye in the traditional cold process technique, vegetable glycerine is a product of the chemical reaction taking place. Most commercial soap has glycerine removed and is sold as a by-product. Cheap synthetic ingredients like urea and lithium chloride are added in place and often can be irritating to skin and often do not replace much of the moisturizing properties that glycerine provides. Adding honey to my soaps helps make creamy, soft bars packed full of beneficial goodness your skin is sure to enjoy!

(Big Daddy's Honey & Coconut milk Christal Clear Soaps.)

The natural fragrance is sweet and beautiful even after going through the process of saponification( turning water fat and lye into SOAP). The extra sugars added to the soap batter helps to accelerate the process called trace( proper thickness of the batter, to be poured into molds) and can cause a bit of a problem for new soap makers. Once you know the process of this batter it can be one of the most exciting kinds of soap to work with for the smooth texture and its stunning warm honey fragrance, which reminds me of warm toast with butter and honey!

(Honey being preserved.)

Honey has no expiration date if it is preserved correctly and is not pasteurized. 3,000-year-old honey from the Egyptians remains edible still to this day due to its proper preservation techniques, keeping moisture away and bacteria out. Crystallization, color change, and fragrance all may alter after years, but the flavor will remain the same. The chances of your honey spoiling are low, even if it is old and hard, it can easily be restored to a beautiful amber liquid if the container is placed in warm water for a few moments. If you feel like your honey is too old to eat, using it as a topical is a wonderful way to repurpose this glorious nectar of the bees.

(Spring flowering plants are some of the most important food items for bees, Please do not spray your yard! Dandelions are a blessing!)

It can be used for skin, hair, and is edible. Contains no fat making it wonderful for adding to your diet. Full of natural vitamins and minerals that are good for your whole body, inside and out, this powerhouse can have many different benefits from hive to hive depending on the nectars and pollen that is collected during the bussy bees daily routine. Try using it as a spot treatment on a troublesome area, use as a facemask, or even mixed with a bit of white vinegar and warm water to condition your hair or soothe a sunburn.

(Using honey as a topical can be a natural remedy for common skin ailments.)

Sensitive skin is common and this simple ingredient can be used for many different ailments and offers a gentle yet powerful clean feeling without chemicals. For centuries it has been used as a topical to help treat and protect burns from becoming infected. It is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial helping to soothe the skin and help provide relief from inflammation, making it perfect for those suffering from sunburns, bug bites, rashes, or irritated skin. This magical item is even found in our natural home medical kit, and travel bags for its wide range of uses, even in place for Neosporin on a bandage!

(Unrefined bee wax candles smell divine!)

Unrefined bee wax still contains some honey in it, providing beneficial properties along with the bee wax. Choosing items made with local honey and unrefined bee wax is a great way to integrate this luxurious item into your everyday skincare routine. Candles made from unrefined bee wax have a sweet fragrance naturally provided by the sugar content, making this one of my favorite candles. Waterproofing cloth, leather, wood, and more with wax is still a common practice we use today. Trusty bee wax mixed with vegetable oils and kinds of butter makes for some of the most divine chapsticks, body balms, and creams. Dandelions are one of the first flowers that are available for bees, using chemicals and sprays kills not only the plants but the many pollinators that rely on them. Dandelions are more than welcome in our yard and are harvested, and dried to be used in my soaps. Remember to bee kind to yourself, others, and all nature has to offer.

(Big Daddy's Honey & Coconut milk Christal Clear Soaps.)

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