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Salts with Christal Clear Soaps

Updated: May 25, 2022

Salt is one of the most beautiful spices and was once cherished and worth its weight in gold, not only for its ability to flavor food, but to preserve it, and help keep our bodies functioning properly as our blood has as much salt and as the ocean contains. I love salt and over the years made the switch from regular table salt to others like Himalayan pink salt, sea salts, and artisan salts packed full of many minerals and different flavors. Here are a few of my favorite things about salt, and the ways that it is used in our home.

(Salt baths can be one of the most relaxing self-care practices, indulge yourself!)

Each kind of salt has its chemical makeup with minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium is antimicrobial properties, collecting different kinds of salt from all over the world is a great way to learn firsthand about all the different kinds and flavors available. Himalayan pink salt and Himalayan black salt are similar in name but nothing about the flavor or smell are alike, for the amount of sulfur in the black salt makes it unmistakable like sulfur in a boiled egg. This may find difficult at first to find ways to integrate an item as pungent as this, but adding it into potato salads, and cooking it with mushrooms can provide an intense flavor of umami and meat-like sensation without having any meat in a meal.

(Starfish at the ocean.)

Why do we need salt in our diets? Every cell in our body needs sodium ions to function properly, helping our nervous system, brain and muscles generate electrical signals. Electrolytes are important and having salt in our diet is a necessity yet too much or too little can be fatal. Making your own electrolyte drink can be as simple as combining a few ounces of your favorite juice, a few dashes of mineral-packed salt, and adding 4 ounces of cold water or ice cubes, this mixture can also be frozen as ice-pops for a healthy treat children and adults can enjoy.

(Coconut oil soap at the ocean.)

Not only is salt needed for the insides of our bodies to properly function, but it can also be something that is used in bath soaks, mouthwashes and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, topicals, and is helpful for soothing outside ailments too. When we travel I like to keep some French Atlantic grey salt to use as a nasal, wound, or throat rinse, and has come in handy many times. Epsom salts are helpful for soaking ailments not only for humans but have come helped soothe sore paws on our dogs as well, helping to draw out infection and debris like thorns.

(Farming of sea salt)

Finding new ways to use the many salts we have in our home, it was only natural when learning to make soap that this was one of the first ingredients I incorporated into my batches of soap and scrubs. One of the easiest yet immediately effective ways to use salt is to add a bit of oil and use it as a salt scrub for dry rough areas like feet, working hands, elbows, and knees. You do not need an extensive list of ingredients to make great self-care items at home, many of us have plenty of items to play with in our kitchen pantries full of sugars, salt, oils, and more. Using what we have on hand is a great way to learn the look, feel, and uses for many of the commonly used ingredients. Reading the ingredients on some of my favorite skincare products has helped with my own formulations on my own skin-care items.

(Salt scrubs are inexpensive and luxurious!)

Magnesium chloride salts are a bit more expensive and provide a whole different feel. Magnesium oil is made of magnesium salts and distilled water, therefore it is not an oil at all, it does have an oily, slick feel to it and is one of my favorite things to use on my feet and legs before going to bed helps me to sleep. My second favorite use is for a headache topical with a few menthol crystals added to the mix, helping to ease head tension and or sore muscles. Taking the time to learn how to make my own items has always intrigued me even as a young girl, many of the skills I have were taught to me by paying attention to my grandmother while she crafted self-care items for our family to help soothe and heal common wounds. It always seemed a bit like magic and has helped fuel my passion for learning the old ways of healing and incorporating them into my everyday life. When friends and family now reach out to me to help them find natural remedies, it makes me proud to have some of the knowledge given to me by the healers before me and has become something that I get to now pass down to those willing to take the time to learn.

(Exfoliating with sugars and salts provides fast relief from dry rough skin.)

My husband knows how much I adore salt and has given me a mortar and pestle, and cooking block made of solid Himalayan pink salt as gifts. We have special wooden grinders, containers just for holding a few of our favorite and most used salts, like Hawaiian black salts with volcanic ash, Himalayan pink salt, and sea salts. Making flavored salts with fresh herbs added to a tight-sealing jar for a few days, or even smoking salt on a bbq to add a unique finishing flavor to your favorite food and drinks. Life is too short to use iodized table salt, next time you are looking for a new way to spice up your next meal or beauty product, reach for some salt!

(Montana pink sand soap on the salt block and salt props!)

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