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Some of my role models and why with Christal Clear Soaps

Updated: May 24, 2022

Finding inspiration where ever I can in life helps to keep my motivation and come up with new ideas. Soap is such a beautiful art form and many skills can be integrated into this creative outlet of self-care. I would like to tell you a bit about some of the people and things that help keep me intrigued and inspired in my daily life.

Ona Jacobson has always been someone who I have looked up to, her beautiful paintings are not the only art form she is more than skilled with, floral displays of grand proportions, window displays, Christmas tree decorating with hand-tied ribbon bows flowing down to kiss the ground, spectacular naturalized gardens fit for any queen bees daily buffet of wildflowers and well-established plants and trees. As a child she was more than kind to me, answering my questions and letting me do a report on her when I was in elementary school as I adored her then too. Having the pleasure of getting to work with her at a local flower shop was once in a lifetime event for not everyone gets a chance to work with someone who has inspired them from a young age.

My Dad says " if you work hard, you can play hard." and has always helped instill a hard work ethic in all of his kids. Teaching by example many of the life lessons he has shared with us along the way, going back to school as a young adult and graduating with new skills to better his life and ours. Working long hours as a chef and moving on to only harder and more challenging jobs with each step forward. His passion for learning transfers into his love for nature and woodworking combine in the one-of-a-kind birdhouses he creates with found objects and items from nature he collects by hand. I am grateful for my father's friendships he has made over time and has had the pleasure of sharing some of his closest friends with my sister and me. Learning the value of a handful of good friends that you can trust is a special blessing in life and am proud to have a few close friends of my own. My father also always to told us never to say " I can't, or I won't," and never underestimate our abilities, do not ever give up, do the best to our abilities, endue the pain and suffering of life, and self-inflicted wounds are the worst. These were lessons a good friend of his Harry Tows taught him along the way of climbing the corporate ladder. Never give up.

Dale Chihuly is my favorite glass artist and does not follow the rules of traditional glass blowing, as he creates larger-than-life structures out of hundreds of individual pieces of glass. Recognized worldwide for the strange and fluid-like movement he creates in his garden-themed displays, oftentimes glowing in the moonlight or backlit by lights making for a spectacular display of Dr. Seuss-like feel in real life. Traditionally non-traditional his works range from gigantic balls he throws into pools and ponds to be bobbing around like massive bubbles of every color and even oddly shaped, to his handheld globes that get released into the ocean in hopes of someone walking the shoreline as he did often as a child will discover and collect. This man's art always could bring people into his world and way of thinking and is one of my favorite things about him. If you have never had the pleasure of seeing his work in real life, you may just be in luck, he is featured all over the world and has a glass school in Seattle WA, travels around to many local art museums, and is featured in television shows and movies. Chances are you have even seen his work without recognizing the artist.

Nature is the best teacher of all and is one of my favorite inspirations in life. The Fibonacci pattern is my favorite of all and is the most commonly mimicked pattern in nature, pinecones, honeycombs, roses, and sunflowers all have this beautifully fascinating design. Finding things at the beach that have washed to shore, digging in the garden noticing roots and fungi, and sitting with the giant trees of the coastal forests help to ground me and keep the focus on the things that matter most in life.

Art of all kinds has always helped me to be inspired and want to try new and interesting things. There are so many talented people out there in the world, taking the time to go to art shows and look at art others make is a good skill to practice helping to keep me on my toes and mind thinking in new ways. It is always fun to get to know someone who has a great skill that you have never had the pleasure of learning about, fiber for instance can be used in many ways to create anything from the finest thin silk thread to large woolen coats and blankets made from bamboo. Tiny hand-carved stones to enormous intricately designed buildings art forms are all around us. Inspiration can strike you anywhere.

Do you have anyone or anything that has inspired you or who you have looked up to over the years? I would like to hear what some of your favorite things are to keep your motivation in whatever it is that you do. This year as things start to pick up and go back to a bit of a normal feel to it, I encourage you to take a look around and spend more time with whatever it is that you find inspiration around. Try something new, ask about a skill that you have been curious about, you never know you may just find you are good at it.

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