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What's in my bag? With Christal Clear Soaps

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

(My original hand made wool and silk lucy bag)

My favorite bag is a handmade wool knit, lucy bag made for me by my amazing mother-in-law. It is made with bits and pieces of extra yarns that were leftover from other scarfs and hats she has made for me along the way. It matches all of my clothing, and as a bonus, it is waterproof from the natural fibers of the wool. This bag goes almost every place I go and gets packed full of items from my travels and my everyday shopping. As an artist, I seek out functional art that I can use in my everyday life, and handmade items are my personal favorite. I can fit all of the items I need for my daily life in this one bag, and I can use it in any weather, plus it is one of a kind! Keeping items that are eco-friendly, reusable, and multi-purpose in my bag is something that is important to me, and packing my bag or purse for different outings allows me to be comfortable when I am out and about.

(Giving an old friend a hug)

As you guessed soap is almost always in the bag that I am carrying! Bar soap is easy to pack and makes a great addition to any pack. My favorite trick or tip for carrying soap for easy use while out and about is to take my trusty potato peeler and peel off some slices of my favorite soaps. Keeping these soap shavings in a little muslin pouch makes for easy one-time use soaps. These days you don't want to be out and have to use a restroom and find that they are out of soap, this little trick may just save your day. Some of my favorite other items to keep with me are my chapstick for it can be used on any place you are dry and chapped, a bottle of distilled water with a few drops of vegetable glycerin in it can feel like a lifesaver on dry skin, and some good old coconut oil, I prefer the liquid coconut oil so I can keep it in a misting bottle for moisturizing any part of your body that may need a little extra love.

(one-ounce custom soaps)

Multipurpose items are a must-have in any bag, and bar soap can be used in so many different ways. Using bits of soap to mark your clothing hem before sewing or cutting, helping screws go into the wood easier, even helping a creaky door to stay silent. Your bag does not have to be large to be packed with helpful items to be handy. Bar soap is like having a swiss army knife with you! Keeping items in my bag that can be used in multiple ways is a skill that has helped us out on many occasions out hiking and camping. I am almost always the person that has items you may have forgotten to bring for yourself and am happy to give someone an extra chapstick, or bottle of oil to someone in need.

(14.2 lbs. of pine sap from Montana)

I carry items for my friends and family as well. My go-to item is usually anything that has geranium oil in it, for it helps to stop bleeding (nose bleeds, and small cuts). You may often see me also with a little nasal spray bottle of colloidal silver (that I make) with a little tiny bit (less than one drop!) of a high-grade peppermint essential oil for allergy relief. Most of my friends and family know that I would rather use natural items when possible to help prevent ailments. Making my own items allows me to tailor my products to each person or skin type, and I am beyond grateful for my good friends and family who are my testers! Our skin is our largest organ and takes in whatever it is we put on, knowing what is in your self-care items can be an essential part of being comfortable in your own skin. Skin sensitivity and irritation can be greatly reduced by eliminating certain items that may cause skin issues, many of us may not even know we have an issue with an ingredient, or can develop them over time as well.

(Montana pine sap salve made by Christl Clear Soaps)

Being able to change and grow along the way is an important skill for someone who formulates new self-care items. Watching and learning how my own skin works and changes help me to make better items for all of you. Finding new ingredients or ways to use items I already use in new ways is always something that is always on my radar. Reading other soapers blogs and following other soap makers that I admire has been a healthy part of my soap journey. It is important to always be growing as a person no matter what you do in life, and I am sure many of you other artists feel the same way. Working together and being willing to share my knowledge and asking questions along the way when I am not understanding helps me be a better soap artisan.

(change is a beautiful part of life)

I would love to hear about your favorite bag or purse that you use or carry, and what are your favorite items to keep in it? Sharing my items with others is something that brings me joy, and I love having friends who also make items to share with me. There is a salve that one of my friends makes that I love to keep with me, Green Gooo is almost always in reach to relieve sore muscles with a togo roll-on in my bag, and my favorite place to keep it is in the fridge for an extra cooling effect from the combination of oils she adds. As I have gotten older the items in my purse have changed from lip glosses, and eye makeup, to salves and soaps. Learning from others' little tips and tricks, and experiences along the way. Next time you are cleaning out your purse, I encourage you to tuck in a little muslin bag of your favorite soap, it may come in handy!

(soap shavings done with a potato peeler)

Christal Clear Soaps Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Palm oil, Water, Lye

All Natural * Fragrance-Free, Custom orders available

*Check out my soaps on social media and read my weekly blog for self-care tips and tricks.

*Leaving reviews and liking my posts and items helps to grow my business, gives more people the ability to see my products. Each like, share, and review is greatly appreciated!

Posting photos of your soaps and tagging them with my hashtags below is a great way to help any and all small businesses grow naturally.

*Thank you to every one of you for supporting me and my dreams of being an artisan soap crafter. Every order is important to me! I appreciate each and everyone who has bought my soaps along the way, either from Etsy, local art shows, local vendor malls, flower shops, and from me.

* All soaps are made by my own two hands, cut, stamped, cured, packaged with hand stamped logos by myself.

* Each and every bar is a unique piece of functional art and may look just a bit different than the pictured photos. My soaps are all formulated to be used and are not just for display. Colors are all-natural and some get darker or lighter over time. Stamp imprints may be deeper or shallower due to the hardness of each individual bar.

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