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self-care during the holidays

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

This can be a time of year where we are focusing on anything other than ourselves. Ofter we are planning meals and getting our homes ready for guests, shopping for gifts, all while doing our everyday chores and activities. Making time to care for yourself is important, so we do not get burnt out and overwhelmed. We can not take care of others when we are unable to take care of ourselves, sometimes we run ourselves out of gas without even thinking about it. Here are a few different things that are important to help keep me prepared for the holidays.

Acknowledging that self-care can look different to all of us helps to figure out our personal needs. I know that talking to some of my family and spending time together with them causes my anxiety to go through the roof and sucks all the joy from my day. Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder and can be a healthy thing. By making the choice ahead of time that I will not be spending my energy on some people is a form of self-care for me that others may not understand. Setting boundaries and sticking to them have helped me focus on the things I want in life. It has taken me a long time to learn that saying "No" to someone else, is saying "Yes" to myself!

Sleep is important and we all need it in our life. Making it a priority and sticking to a good sleep schedule can help keep our bodies and minds happy and healthy. As children, we dread nap time while as adults, most of us wish we could get some alone time and take a nice long nap. I am grateful that my best friends are all lowkey people, we take naps together as a group. In the summer we put out my yard rugs, add a bunch of pillows and blankets to take a nap outside after we eat lunch, and have a few adult drinks. Having friends who support good mental health is important and I hope everyone has at least one good friend that they can share all life events, even a good nap!

Harsh winter weather can cause the skin to be dry and flakey, and one of my favorite remedies is making a simple sugar and coconut oil scrub. Exfoliating your skin is a great way to show yourself some love. Using a bore bristle brush to do dry body brushing can help improve blood circulation and keep skin looking and feeling its best! I love to exfoliate before shaving to help get a closer shave. My favorite soaps for exfoliating are my sand soaps, you can get a rough scrub by rubbing the bar directly on your skin, or a gentle buff only using the suds.

(One of the paper planners of mine)

I am a big fan of planners and writing stuff down. Taking time out of my day to catch up with myself and all the things I am supposed to, need to, and want to do has helped me achieve more than I think I can get done in a day or given week. Planning ahead helps relieve extra stress that I can put on myself when it comes to missing out or being late to an event. Holiday seasons are often filled with multiple events, being able to keep them all organized while communicating thoroughly with my husband, writing them down on our monthly Callender helps from overbooking. It is easy for me to keep all of my lists for my personal, home, and business needs in my little leather daily planner. Using pen and paper is my favorite way to make lists, and plan out my week or month. Do you have a paper planner that you use?

(Makeup at an event at the end of the show)

Taking my makeup off at the end of the night has gotten easier and easier with age. My favorite way to remove my makeup is by using fractionated coconut (liquid coconut oil). I keep it in a spray bottle, apply some to my hands and rub it on my face. Letting the oil sit on my makeup for a moment or two, and rinsing it off with warm water, and towing dry. This method works well for my skin, cleansing and moisturizing at the same time. Coconut oil is one of my favorite oils of all time, we use it for everything in our home.

(Blue Bits Christal Clear Soaps)

Take some time out of each day and designate it for yourself. Give yourself a little self-care and do something that you enjoy, or that helps your week or day go a little smoother. Give an old friend a call, get out your paint set, or have your favorite treat. Allow yourself permission to do something that you have been wanting to do, or try something new. This holiday season schedule some time in for yourself too, you deserve it! Have a wonderful holiday season, and blessed be from Christal Clear Soaps!

(Custom Christal Clear Soaps)

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(Mothers Day Custom Christal Clear Soaps)

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*Thank you to every one of you for supporting me and my dreams of being an artisan soap crafter. Every order is important to me! I appreciate each and everyone who has bought my soaps along the way, either from Etsy, local art shows, local vendor malls, flower shops, and from me.

* All soaps are made by my own two hands, cut, stamped, cured, packaged with hand stamped logos by myself.

* Every bar is a unique piece of functional art and may look just a bit different than the pictured photos. My soaps are all formulated to be used and are not just for display. Colors are all-natural and some get darker or lighter over time. Stamp imprints may be deeper or shallower due to the hardness of each bar.

*Packages are shipped out every two to three days and have a tracking number to follow, from the local post office. Holidays may cause the package to arrive a bit after the set delivery date due to unforeseen weather or holidays. *Please remember to be kind to those delivering packages, during this global pandemic many businesses have been affected and have been running with fewer employees, and more rules and regulations. We are all doing the best we can to keep up!

*No refunds and or exchanges due to the soap being a self-care item and are intended to be used on your person. My customers are important to me and I would like to be able to have the chance to make up for any soaps that may have been damaged or lost in the delivery process. Thank you for understanding.

(Blue bits Christal Clear Soaps)

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