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Aging skin with Christal Clear Soaps

Updated: May 25, 2022

Aging is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Taking care of our bodies inside and out helps lend many benefits to our bodies as we age. Taking the time to care for ourselves and others who may need it, making sure we get enough sleep, drink enough water, eat healthy food, exercise, use sunscreen, and use natural products.

Eating nutritious food and putting quality items on your skin. We need to nourish our bodies from the inside and the outside. Just as it is beneficial for us to eat healthy food that we understand the ingredients and have little to no preservatives, our skincare items should also consist of quality items without chemicals. Our skin is our largest organ and it is essential to nourish it.

Moisturizer and sunscreen are two important items for your whole body. Sunburns can damage our bodies and cause unwanted spots, premature wrinkles, or worse. Certain areas are often overlooked while applying topicals like sunscreen and daily moisturizers, like our ears, neck or declate area of the chest, tops of our hands, even our lips. Taking the time to apply products to these areas can help with some of the unwanted signs of early aging.

Exfoliation can be done all over the body. I love to use a few different methods, dry body brushing, sugar scrubs, bath gloves, pumice stones, even adding items like apricot seeds, ground loofah, or clays to my routine. Each one of these methods provides a different feeling, from extreme exfoliation to a gentle buffing of the skin. Some areas of our body are more sensitive than others and it is great to have a variety of ways to polish our bodies from the thin skin on our lips to the rougher parts on the bottom of our feet.

Take off makeup at night before going to bed, and using night creams or oils is a great habit to get into while you are in your 20s. Using harsh soaps to take off makeup can be expensive and daunting, it has taken me many years to learn that simply warm water and a bar of gentle soap, followed up by lightly towel drying the skin and applying a light face oil will do the work of any expensive cleanser. Finding oils that work well for your skin type may seem like a strange task, the benefits are countless. Some of my favorite oils are fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil. My favorite way to store these oils for daily use is in a spray bottle for easy application. Fractionated coconut oil is by far the most used oil in our home, and is always included in our travel kits and medical bags.

Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated helps our whole body to work at its best. I love to add things to my water during the day to encourage myself to stay hydrated and help to add a few extra nutrients. Using my favorite cups and glasses also makes the activity of drinking water a bit more interesting. Hand-made glass water vessels are one of our favorite things in our home, and having multiple water bottles decorated with our favorite memories makes using them a delight. These fun reusable containers also double for adult drinks while camping and spending our days at the river.

Small changes to our daily routine can make a large difference as we age. Taking the time to care for ourselves and our skin will help us feel and look our best. Wrinkles tell the story of the many facial expressions we make through life, and the white and grey that develop represent the wisdom we all hope to acquire with age. Just as cars need maintenance and tune-ups our bodies require different maintenance techniques as we age. As we go from being a classic to vintage it is helpful to remember that we too can only get more beautiful as we have the physical transformations that only time lends.

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