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Cocoa butter with Christal Clear Soaps

Table of content:

1) Fragrance

2) How cocoa butter is made

3) Pros & Cons

4) Food & Flavor

5) Conclusion:



Most of us know the fragrance of cocoa from chocolate bars, decadent cakes, and treats. These treats are so popular that there is a book turned into a movie made just for chocolate, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! The sweet, warm nutty fragrance is present from the cocoa butter and the oils it retains. Most of the items I make are fragrance-free, but every once in a while I find a fantastic ingredient that is naturally fragranced on its own, creating a finished product with a delicious fragrance. Cocoa butter may just take the cake in natural fragrances for me! It also has the ability to help relax your body and mind with just the aroma, how cool is that?!

How cocoa butter is made

Cocoa fruit is collected, and the cocoa beans are extracted from the fruit, the beans are cleaned, fermented, and roasted before being pressed in hydraulic machinery, to release the cocoa butter. The remaining solid materials are processed into cocoa nibs and cocoa powder.


Applying cocoa butter and cocoa butter products to your skin help to hydrate, improve elasticity, and nourish your body with fatty acids, glycerine, and phytochemicals that improve blood flow helping to protect against natural signs of aging and damaging UV rays from the sun. It is often used in lotions and creams to help smooth scars, and wrinkles - minimizing the look of stretch marks. Many who have common skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis are fond of using it to help naturally promote healing. Often times it is used in scalp and hair treatments, penetrating deep into hair follicles and nourishing hair and scalp, helping to maintain healthy oil production. Another plus is that it is less likely to weigh your hair down and helps maintain longer-lasting hydration!

& Cons

Although it is great for your skin, it does have a setback- it is rated at a 4 out of 5 on the comedogenic scale, 0 being the least likely to clog your pores. For this reason, it is often used in smaller amounts for face creams and lip balms, and in larger amounts for body butter, cuticle creams, and foot salves. Those who are sensitive t vitamin E may have a harder time with using products containing cocoa butter for it naturally is high in vitamin E.

Food & Flavor

Many of us are exposed to chocolate as a child, with sweet candy bars, dipped fruits, covered nuts, decadent baked goods, liquid syrups, ice-creams, and hot cocoa drinks. Cocoa nibs and powder are used as ingredients for cooking and baking, along with cocoa butter. It has an unmistakable flavor and can be used in savory dishes like Mexican Mole, and sweet dishes alike. Some of my favorite items are a simple dark chocolate bar made with real cocoa and real cocoa butter topped with sea salt and nuts, this gives you the best of both worlds.


Cocoa butter is not just tasty it is beneficial for our body and mind. Remember to enjoy the fragrance next time you find yourself around this wonderful creation we call chocolate, for it just may help relax your body and mind while enjoying its classic flavor profile. What are some of your favorite cocoa skincare items? Do you have a special chocolate treat that you enjoy? I would love to hear some of your favorite recipes.










Christal Cleary Owner/Creator of Christal Clear Soaps

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